But for Sam and his cousin it doesen!„These two girls will show you how to lick pussy incredibly well

But for Sam and his cousin it doesen!„


But for Sam and his cousin it doesen!„

Had- a sense ‘of extreme sensitivity, . ■

She could sense fifth column activity,

Came hofrie’;from the ""wars. irTthe spring ■.

A "discharge is a wonderful thing,

‘ There’was’ a youhg man-^called ;. Burt . :–:; .

Who shot his bolt with a squirt.

It ‘went in so’fast, "it went through to her arse.

And stained the back: of her skirt,


-I-Worked-at the weavers1 trade/’ ‘.”.-

And the -only thing I’ever did wrong–”

1 wooed.her in the wintertime, and in the summer too,

Was tokeep her–from the Fo’ggy Foggy Dew.

One’night-‘she cafe’ t- my bedside- when’-‘I lay fast ‘asleep . .

She put her head upon my bed.’and she- began "to weep, ■.

She wept, she cried. she damn near died,

Ah Mel What could I do9 ;"

So I hauled her into bed;and. covered up-her head9.

Just to keep her from the "’foggy ‘foggy dew’V.

Again I am a bachelor, I live with my son, ;/ ‘ . ‘ ; _’;:

He reminds me of the fair young maid,

.He reminds me of "the winter-time and the summer too-, ;’..-=-..’..-‘

. , And; ihe; many, many times -that T he ld”her ;in my "arms, -:” :-!:’:- r-


I’m a hell of a hell of a hell of a hell of a hell of an engineer!

A hell of a hell of a hell of a hell of a hell of an engineerf.

Like evry honest greaser, I like my lager "beers.

L1© a rambling wreck of poverty. I’m a hell of an engineer.

We run the Solar System and the:Tramway trust as well,

And many of us who’ve left this earth are firing down in hell$ .

We111 write our names on scrolls of fame for many a thousand years]

And still we’ll sing our songs about the ‘Varsity Engineers.

And wherever you may chance to raom, oh land or sky or sea,

You will find a ‘Varsity engineer wherever you may be|

And when you’ve left this mortal earth to sing for ever more.

You will hear the .’Varsity . greets ere sing the song they sang beforf.

Oh’, One day a lighthouse keeper was looking out to sea, ‘■

He gave a yell and said, u0h hell, a ship in distress I sees"

But the Captain of the hearty ship he-, bade hi’mneve^ fear,-

For the man he had in the engine-room was a ‘Varsity Engineer,

We blocked the city traffic and they didn’t have a cluei "

The Council got quite frantic and the cops were baffled too-?

”Proceed by Grey Street Bridge, my lads," was all we had to say,

To confound the angry motorists for half a ruddy day.

When Hollywood’s glamour dancer thought her legs would please the cj.

The boys in blue they7 thought so too and spread a guard around, i.

But when the limousine rolled up she didn’t get a cheer,

For the ‘Girl’ who got the welcome was a ‘Varsity Engineer, .

Ohi we slave away and work all day upon the road to hells.

We blow the hills to smithereens, with dynamite and shellj.

We find our El Dorado, and have our pot of beer’s.

And when we’re broke we tell the joke to a ‘Varsity Engineer.

I’m a hell of a hell of a he’ll etc,


Drunk last night.

Drunk the night before,

Going to get drunk tonight like we’ve’never been drunk before;

Here we are as happy as can be, ‘cos we are the boys of the ‘varsity.

One jug of beer between the four’of us.

Thank God there are no more of us, ‘cos one of us could drink the.

Without his pants ones tcbs one of us.could drink the bloody.lot, :

When men grow old and their pricks..grow- cold^,^..;

And it bends in the middle, like an old ..string fiddle..-:-

They can tell you a tale or two,

So pull up-a chair, and brink me a drink ;-: / .-‘

And a harlot named Eskimo Nell,

When Dead-Eye Dick and Mexican Pete.

Were working Dead Man’s Creek.

They had no luck in the way of a fuck.

For nigh on half a week,

Save a moose ot two, and a caritiou.

And. a bison, elk or sow, >

But if you had a prick like Dead-Eye Dick," ”

So they.hit the strand of the "Bio Grand.

And they sought Black Mike’s, saloon,

And straight away to slake’their thirst, ..= :■-.

They entered the old bar room/

As they passed through the swinging doors.

Both gun and cock flashed f,ree,, .

"According to sex, you bleeding wrecks, .

But Eskimo Nell, she stood it well, ‘ r –

With a glance/from between her .eyes.

And looked at.his horn, with-the "utmost’ scorn.

As it rose from his hairy thighs. ?

And she blew..a whiff ofthe cigarette .-

Over his steaming knobs/"

That he clean forgot his ,job. ; ". .

ITwas Eskimo Nell who first "broke- the "spell, ;.-‘ . .-:- ‘ ” :

Do you call that thing a tool."

"If this here town can’t get that down,"’ i: ■-S^’ –

As she looked at ,-the5 powering whores, ”.- V .■ ‘,, :_.; , –

So she.stripped off her garments one ..by one,

He bore her down to a tabl.e;"brown / -‘^ :; -t ;r^ .;

Where someone had-left a glassf.

With a flick of her tits, she smashed it ;to.’bits’ 1;

She flexed her knees with supple §ase, . _".. .

And spread her. legs apart |

With a friendly nod" to the randy sod ‘ ‘ -i. . ;.’■’,-

She gave him his cue to starts.

Cali Lakai

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